Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Daily Bits for Public Consumption

So as it should be obvious, I abandoned a few things last year. After managing to rescue my 2 novels from complete obscurity and self-publishing them, I just didn't have the time to commit to marketing. I work very hard at jobs that aren't ideally what I want to do, but it pays the bills. The main reason I haven't done the necessary marketing is that I just don't want to. I'm a writer. I enjoy creating. The marketing aspect is so alien to me, and while I know I need to do it, I just didn't want it enough to deal with it at this point in my life. My books are out there, available and people have enjoyed them. I'm writing every day, and that's ok with me. It became another job, and I started hating it. I started writing because I felt I had to, and the product was horrible. I write what I feel. I write what the characters are talking to me. Sometimes, a character will tell me his or her entire story, other times they go silent for weeks and I have to move on to something else. Trying to put out a series and market them was smothering all of the voices. I have to just create for now. Hopefully, once a few things in my life get more settled, I will have the time and energy to put into publishing again.

So, that being said, I want to make sure that while I am distracted looking for changes in my life, that I don't abandon my public writing persona. I'll always write, that's never been my issue. But I want to make sure I do something that keeps me motivated to put out work into the world.  A facebook friend has painted a picture a day for the entire year of 2016, and it gave me an idea. I have horrible follow-through and am easily distracted, so it'll be difficult, but I want to try. Every day, I will post something either here, or on my facebook page. Most of it will likely be on my page, just a few lines of poetry, short quotes from my books or whatever I'm working on. But I want to make sure to stay connected and keep myself motivated to create for public consumption. So hopefully someone reads this and the year of lines to come and gets something positive out of it.

So here is the first little bit for my daily writing. Might be from a book, might be from real life, might be a combination of both. Hope you enjoy this text conversation between good friends.

Olivia: Henry ordered something from a vibrator company...it just showed up at the door. Like WTF, did he order me a vibrator or another chick a vibrator?
Sara: It's probably a flashlight, he's too selfish to get something for someone else.
Sara: *Fleshlight
Sara: Damn autocorrect. I'm talking sex toys, phone. They need to make autocorrect for the dirty minded.
Olivia: Lmao! True.
Oliva: This package has me for a loop though!
Sara: Just pack it with his stuff. Hopefully he finds a place soon and gets off your couch and out of your life.
Olivia: Yeah.
Olivia: Not that I would use a vibrator he bought me to begin with
Sara: Nope, bad vibes...get it? <3Puns
Olivia: Lmao you're amazing