Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Update

Alas, it has been far too long since I've written here. I'll bypass the usual excuses, but I do have a few really good ones this time. I've been doing the last editing, formatting, cover approving, and overall finagling to ensure that Becoming Grace Divine, Book 2 in the Cape Cod Cadences series, is released in May. It's almost all set, and I hope to have copies in my hand before Memorial Day. I've also been hard at work writing Book 3 of the series, Fluke Chance. I don't want to make people wait too long to read it, so I guess I have to finish writing it. I'll be looking for events and fairs and such this summer and I'll have both books with me, for anyone local. I'll post on my facebook page and twitter wherever I am going to be.

I've been in the garden for the past hour or so, weeding and trying to corral the mint. I knew the mint was going to be an issue, but it tastes and smells so good, its worth it. I just have to remember to watch it and make sure it doesn't become sentient and completely surround and smother the entire house. I ripped most of it up and redirected it to where I'd rather it be growing. I don't think it agreed with the relocation, and I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be relocating it again soon.
I love hostas, because they take little to no maintenance, are pretty, and best of all, take little to no maintenance. I know, I said it twice. They just make me smile whenever I see them pushing their way up through the soil.
Two years ago I planted 3 lilac trees. One of them is white and came from my step-mother, the other two are grown from clippings from the giant bush at my in-laws house. All three of them are doing well this year. Last year I got flowers from the central white one, but not the purple on the sides. I'm hoping to see flowers on all three this year,
I also relocated Rafael, the action figure that has lived in my backyard for the past five years. I have no idea where he came from. He was always my favorite Ninja Turtle, probably because he had a bad attitude and was kind of a loner. So I move him around the yard, from place to place. He's been run over by my truck, hit by the lawn mower, lost in snow banks, fallen from trees, raked, buried, and sun-bleached. He's my buddy, and this year when I found him I stuck him on the tree like so....
So I enjoyed my spring day off out in the yard. I hope you are doing the same. I'm going to post another blog today with an excerpt from Becoming Grace Divine, but I felt it should be on it's own, away from my springy pictures and Raf.

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