Sunday, July 24, 2016


It's far time I got back to work on this. It's hard to keep up with things in the summer. After working so many hours, the last thing I want to do on my only day off (that I don't always get) is feel obligated to write something. But write I must, because it is what I am. I will make a solid effort for the rest of the summer to be more consistent with posts. That being said, I decided to write about my day off today.

One of my goals of this blog is to really capture life as a local, at least for me. Sundays for me are special. I don't make plans. I don't call people. I do whatever it is I want to do. I don't answer the phone. I don't text. I take a break from other people and their lives. So much of my life is spent caretaking and waiting on people, that what I really need on my day off is a break from them, not the jobs.

This morning I woke up at my usual time, but not being particularly motivated, lay on the couch and watched Maleficent while eating donuts I grabbed from work last night. I seriously thought about going to the beach, and I really wanted to, but I just couldn't make myself walk down there and wade through all of those people. I really need solitude, and while I'd love to lie on the beach and relax, I can't do that with a hundred or more people moving around and making noise around me. So I went to 'my beach.'
The grill nicely supplies shade so I can write on my laptop while getting some sun. Unfortunately today, despite it not being as hot or humid as it has been, after a few minutes in the sun I was feeling sweaty and I just couldn't take it. Every night at work I end up soaked through with sweat and most days I take 2 showers. My laundry is out of control. And I just couldn't make myself get sweaty again when there was no reason to. So I retreated to the shade and comfort of my hammock and wrote an entire chapter of Fluke Chance (book 3 of Cape Cod Cadences series, shameless advertising).

At this point I was starving, and not being inclined to cook or even open my fridge, I looked to see what the special sandwiches are at Sam's Deli. And that resulted in this beautiful thing becoming a part of me today...
That is a Muenster Club, consisting of muenster cheese, roasted chicken, mayo, honey mustard, LTO, bacon and avocado on Focaccia bread. It was absolutely amazing, and if you happen to be on the lower cape and have never gone to Sam's Deli on Bracket Rd in Eastham, you need to fix that problem immediately.

After enjoying that culinary masterpiece, my husband and I decided to go on a Pokemon Go adventure. I realize this has become a controversial topic for some, but I really enjoy it. As we started our drive down Rt 6 we passed Russ and Marie's Marconi Grill. The cooker was going out front and the smell of BBQ was amazing and filled the car for a lovely lingering amount of time. (Another must visit restaurant, btw) We drove a loop through Wellfleet center, getting pokestops (there are a ton down there for those who play) along the way. Wellfleet center is such a beautiful area, it was so nice to just drive around and see everything that I normally don't notice because I am on my way to somewhere or something. After the center, we headed up to Truro to go for a walk I had never been to before.

My husband grew up in Truro, which is not much of a town, really. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just that there are really only a handful of businesses in two locations, and houses, with a highway down the middle of it. I never knew there was anything MORE than the highway in Truro until my husband showed me how many little back roads and paths there were. We went to one today. I won't use the real name, because I loved that it was empty and we didn't see another human being. I want it to stay that way. Apparently, it is locally known as Seventh Heaven. It's a long dirt road with a few houses on it, close to the abandoned air force base. It's a skinny road, and if you happen upon another car, one of you is going to have to back up until there is a break in the trees to pull over to let the other pass. Thank you to the kind people who let us by today, if they by some odd chance they read this.

We parked off the side of the road and headed out for our walk.
It was a beautiful day, and it's close enough to the ocean to have a decent breeze. The Pokemon Go app actually registered the trail as a road, which was greatly amusing to me. My husband told me stories about his childhood in this particular area of the woods, and I love that even after thirteen years together, there are still new stories for me to hear.

The dirt path through the woods met up with a paved section that was overgrown and no longer used (to my knowledge). I don't know the history of the area, but I assume much of what we walked on at one time had to do with the air force base,
I've seem criticism and complaints about Pokemon Go basically along the lines of "So what it makes you go outside, you're still staring at your phone!" Well, in reality, when a Pokemon spawns near you, your phone vibrates, so you don't actually have to look at it, AT ALL, until it alerts you. So I had a lovely walk and looked at nature today. I also got credit for doing all that exercise and hatched two eggs. So basically, you can go out and enjoy nature, and only stop every five minutes or so to catch a critter. And you can even continue to enjoy the scenery through the phone while you catch it!
After the Seventh Heaven walk, we did another pass through Wellfleet to hit the pokestops and resupply on pokeballs and such. (Plus enjoy the beautiful scenery, but I was driving so no photos of that.) While driving through the National Seashore visitor center in Eastham, we came across these little critters (not pokemon, btw)
At the close of the day I decided to go watch sunset on the beach. It was finally cooling off and the wind was keeping the bugs away. There were only about 40 people clustered by the parking lot of Campground Beach, so it didn't take long walk to some isolation. It was a nice walk, low tide. And yes, there were pokemon...

So that was my day today. Lots of walking around, lots of landmarks and good places to eat. And much of what I went out and saw today was inspired my little pixelated critters. I don't think it matters what you enjoy, as long as you enjoy it. Hope everyone had a nice day too.

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